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Selling Canadian Maple Leaf Coins or
silver Canadian
Maple Leaf Might be hard because most people don't
know what's its really worth.
But here in Coin Dealer Boston we will pay you 93-96%
cash for your
gold and silver Canadian Maple Leaf Coins.

If they are worth more money due to
numismatic collecting we will let you
know and pay you based on the Notion.

Canadian Maple Leaf pricing is based on the current
market “spot price” plus a premium per coin. The spot
price of gold (and all precious metals) is reported every
business day in all major newspapers, network television
and radio and online. We happen to use
to determine the prices of all coins we buy.

Even if you don't want to sell your Canadian Maple leaf
but you need some fast cash, bring it to Coin Dealer
Boston and get cash loan for it.

Text right now and we will tell you the price on your
Canadian Maple Leaf (Silver or Gold).
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