Welcome to Coin Dealer Boston.
Here at Coin Dealer Boston we buy all kinds of
Gold Coins any year and any size, and we pay the
highest price for the in the whole state.

So, if you have any kind of gold coin that you have
and you want to sell it, bring it to us and we will
give you the best price cash that you can get for it
the same day. Here at Coin Dealer Boston we
have Coin Professionals that will tell you all about
your gold coin and they will tell you what its exact
value is.

Even if you don't want to sell your
gold coin, you
can bring it to Coin Dealer Boston and get cash
loan for it and then later get it back.

Text right now if you want to Buy, Pawn or Sell
your Coin and we will give you
your price on text!
Call or text right now, don't hesitate:
233 Elm St. Somerville, MA 02144 Davis
Square..(Next to the Redline Train)
(Parking behind the building)
Coin Dealer Boston
Gold Coins We Buy-Sell-Pawn
In Boston
Here is a List of Some of the Gold Coins We Buy:-
Want Boston's Highest Cash Payout
for your
Liberty Dollar Gold Coin?
(Design Type 2)
U.S Gold Coins
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Sell Liberty Dollar Gold Coin in Boston
(Design Type 1)
CASH for Liberty Dollar Gold Coins in
(Design Type 3)
Make sure you get full value for your
Indian Quarter Eagle Gold Coin
LBC Boutique Pays Highest in Boston
Liberty Half Eagle Gold Coin
Sell Your Indian Half Eagle Gold Coin
in Boston!
Sell Your American Eagle Gold Coin
in Boston!