The Liberty Quarter Eagle Gold Coin
aka: the Liberty Head, Coronet Head
Did you know? The Liberty Head's purchasing power in 1800 would be
equivalent to $34.74 today!

History, Design, and Minting

The Quarter Eagle was a gold coin issued by the United States with a denomination of
two hundred and fifty cents, or two dollars and fifty cents.
It was given its name in the Coinage Act of 1792, as a derivation from the US ten-dollar
eagle coin.
The Liberty Head design was created by Christian Gobrecht and was produced
successfully from 1840 to 1907.  It was the most popular of all of the models.  
Also known as the "Coronet Head", the Liberty head was designed to match the styles of
the other gold Eagles the government was producing.  
One notable date is 1848, when 230 ounces of gold were sent to the Secretary of War
Marcy by Colonel R.B. Mason, military governor of California. The gold was turned over to
the mint and promptly made into quarter eagles. The distinguishing mark CAL. was
punched above the heraldic eagle on the reverse side of the coin.

Relatively fewer coins were struck prior to 1834, and combined with their higher gold
content (promoting melting for their bullion content), all of the early issues range from
scarce to rare. The first issues were struck in 1796. Any proof date prior to 1856 is rare,
and will command a premium in any condition. The quarter eagle denomination was
officially discontinued in 1933 with the removal of the United States from the Gold
Standard, although the last date of issue was 1929.
Only 1,389 of these coins were minted and are highly sought after by collectors. There are
several specimens with proof-like surfaces and the coins are highly sought after by
collectors, often fetching prices from $30,000 to $100,000 if in good enough condition.
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Diameter:   18 millimeters
Content:   90% gold, 10% other
Mint Mark Legend:    Philadelphia (no
mintmark), San Francisco (S
mintmark), New Orleans (O), Carson
City, Nevada (CC), and Denver (D)
Designer:   Christian Golbrecht
Here is all the History and Information
about The Liberty Quarter Eagle