Liberty Gold Dollar
-Type 3 (1856-1889)

Weight:   1.7 grams
Diameter:   14.3 millimeters
Edge:   Reeded
Content:   90% gold, 10% other
Mint Mark Legend:   Reverse, below
the wreath
Designer:   James Barton Longacre
The Liberty Gold Dollar Coin (Type 3)
aka: the $1 Large Head Type

In 1856, a redesigned gold dollar was released by the Mint.
In 1889, production of the gold dollar was discontinued, but the coin remained popular in
some areas until the country abandoned the gold standard in the 1930s.

Often called "the Large Head type," Longacre's new design was similar to the earlier type.
The size of the Indian head was made larger, flatter, the headdress moved, and the face
was slightly changed.

Only twice, in 1856 and 1862, did production exceed a million pieces in a single year—both
times at the main mint in Philadelphia. In the early years, the Charlotte and Dahlonega mints
turned out gold dollars on a regular basis, but those southern branches were closed in
1861, following the outbreak of the Civil War—and after that the coins were struck almost
exclusively in Philadelphia, the only exception being the San Francisco issue of 1870.

After 1862, mintages seldom topped 10,000. The low point came in 1875, when just 400
business strikes and 20 proofs were made. Other rarities are the 1856-D, with a mintage of
1,460, and the 1860-D, with 1,566. The Confederacy struck an unknown amount of 1861-D
gold dollars; reportedly, only a handful survive. Proofs were made every year, and with the
exception of the years 1882 through 1889, all had low mintages and are quite rare.

Type 3 gold dollars are far more plentiful in choice mint condition than the two earlier types,
and the key points of reference for detecting signs of wear—the cheek and the bow-knot on
the wreath—are more likely to be pristine. Gem examples of 1862, 1874 and many dates in
the ‘80s are generally available.
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