aka: the Indian Head
Did you know? The Indian Head was designed by a

History, Design, and Minting

This coin was a departure from other examples of American coinage, because it had no
raised edges, instead featuring a design sunk into the planchet.
The "Indian Head" design was created by Boston sculptor Bela Lyon Pratt and the similar
Half Eagle piece.
The public had much distaste for the experimental, unusual design of the coin. Many
feared that the recessed surface of the coin would collect germs, and others felt that it was
ugly and numismatists took little interest in the coin. This resulted in few examples in
uncirculated condition and the coin slipped into obscurity for many years.

However, collectors today adore the exotic design and the coin is today recognized as part
of the creative renaissance of American coinage.

The Indian Head design was produced from 1908 to 1929.
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Here is all the History and Information
about The Indian Quarter Eagle Gold
Indian Quarter Eagle Gold

Weight:   4.18 grams
Diameter:   18 millimeters
Content:   90% gold, 10% copper
Mint Mark Legend:   Reverse, left of
eagle claw
Designer:   Bela Lyon Pratt